One Inch Square Feet Studio
"Re-Inventing Dimensions"
What We Do
Services We Provide
  • Professional Interior Design and Renovation consultancy
  • Cutting edge 3D Visualization design and drawings
  • Detailed construction and technical drawings
  • Free space plan, 3D preview & quotes with absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS
  • High Quality Custom-designed and fabricated carpentry.
  • Team of specialized professional HDB approved contractors and suppliers
  • Dedicated on-site coordination, supervision and after-sales services
3D Pre-visualization & Techincal Drawings

We at One Inch Sqft believe home-owners should be entitled with detailed previews of their renovation before anything is set in stone. Under no circumstances will our clients be short-changed by skipping this crucial part of the planning process. Our attention to details coupled with our advanced 3D rendering techniques will ensure the accuracy of our drawings to be as close as possible to the final results in real-life, minimizing any potential unpleasant surprises upon completion.

Material Selection

One of the most challenging aspect in renovation is the selection of tons of materials to decorate the new home. Quite a daunting task considering the prospects of facing something everyday, that you will either love or regret for many years down the road! Our unique and true to life 3D visualization workflow will make material selection a walk in the park.

   Pick a colour. Which is your Favorite?

Panorama 3D - Look around. How about changing furnitures?
Customize to Your Heart's Desire

Most interior designers or contractors will limit the number of design changes or at least the number of 3D drawings without piling on additional costs. Not us at One Inch Sqft; Our specialized design workflow and efficient in-house artists allow as many alterations to the design and will provide the visual previews as fast as our clients can change their minds. Furthermore we make sure details are not compromised; Every furniture or decor bought by our clients are incoporated into the preview 3D drawings so they can get an faithful render of what their future home will feel and look like.

Specialized Graphic Design & Print

Having in-house artists and graphic designers in the team means we have the capability to not only print, but also design decorating elements such as motifs, decals and large format print posters you would normally see only in commercial spaces. Just throw us your ideas, and we will turn them into real-world artworks and incorporate right into your home!

What We Did
Who We Are

Established in 2009, our studio's philosophy is to transform each and everyone, even our homeowner clients into Interior Designers. YES! You heard it right! As counterintuitive as it might sound, with the advent of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the limitless exposure to great designs that open up our eyes to wonderful ideas, we at One Inch Sqft believe that homeowners themselves are the one who truly understand what appeal to them the most, and that they have the innate ability to conjure up visions of their dream homes. Our focus therefore, is to bridge that knowledge and design gap, as well as providing support in realization of that dream. As a result, we have over the years evolved a streamline approach in assisting our clients in designing and visualizing their own homes.

With a team consisting of designers with collaborating artists, our unique workflow allows turnover of designs and drawings in matter of hours and days, not weeks! What's more is that our years of focus on the iterative process has made it so efficient that it allows our clients to change their designs on a whim, and as many times as they desire without additional costs.

Nevertheless, even with great designs, they are essentially meaningless without translating from paper into real-life. As a HDB registered company ourselves, we meticulously source and partner with a network of reputable suppliers and Singapore accredited contractors to move the design forward. And at every step of the way, our project managers will coordinate and monitor the plans and contracting works, ensuring our client's own designs are materialized and the dream house and handed over in a timely fashion

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